Action Santé Trans* Bénin (ENVOL) is a human rights organisation founded in 2017 in Benin. It was officially registered in 2019. ENVOL is committed to creating an enabling environment for the health and well-being of discriminated against and marginalised trans people in order to fight for the respect of their human rights through the organisation’s actions, service offerings of education, prevention and care related to STI and HIV/AIDS advocacy.


ENVOL aspires to a more egalitarian world, creating and shaping a world where all people regardless of sexual identity or orientation are fulfilled and empowered. It aims to develop better actions and supportive policies that promote the health, well-being, education, leadership and collective power, respect, dignity and equality of trans and gender non-conforming people in all their diversity, and to change and impact the world.


Accompanying, helping and supporting trans people, young people and in order to contribute to their well-being and fulfillment,  ENVOL works to end gender-based violence, fight inequality and respect human rights while promoting empowerment, dynamism, collective power in the community and greater participation through new approaches to inclusive intervention, equality and solidarity, while also promoting behavioural change


To fight for the respect of human rights through:

  • Fighting transphobia (discrimination, marginalisation and all kinds of violence and other forms of oppression against Trans* people.
  • Fighting against STIs and HIV/AIDS.
  • Fighting for the full development of Trans* and marginalised people within the general population.
  • Enabling the community to access a safe space.
  • Promoting solidarity and support within the trans community, and between this community and the cisgender community in Benin.


+229 66239135 


Projects and Meetings

Literary workshop, writing, and creation of online content and community
From the integration and awareness-raising football match between the trans and intersex communities and civil society organisations
Self-defense and community-based first aid workshop
Well-being and expression workshop
Economic Empowerment & Leadership Workshop
Some of the members of the board of directors and executive board of ENVOL
Empowerment through photography workshop
Miss Intelligentsia Queen Bénin

Running since 2017, the Miss Intelligensia Pageant is aimed at promoting a trans- and intersex-inclusive society, sustainable social and personal change, and it also raises awareness. The candidates debate the anti-gender movement, all sensitive issues to the community Benin, human rights and how to fight against gender-based violence and access to justice to assert one’s rights. The pageant is also aimed at creating role-models for young trans and intersex people in the country.