Trans Hope was formally registered on 6 June 2019 through a support group of transgender and gender-diverse individuals in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The founder of the organisation, Ms Sazi Jali, saw a need within the community to not just help the members of the support group but to provide support and services to the transgender and gender-diverse community in the KwaZulu-Natal province as a whole. In 2019, with the encouragement of Prof. Zanele Muholi and Dr Chris McLachlan, Trans Hope was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, making it the first trans-led organisation in the province.

The dream was to mainstream gender diversity in the community through providing safe spaces within both public and private institutions, and to give trans and gender-diverse communities access to education and advocacy. Part of the aim of Trans Hope was to not isolate trans people, so the board and working team included a number of cisgender individuals to assist in the fight for the mutual understanding of diversity within the greater community, to ensure the acceptance of trans and gender-diverse people through creating awareness, and to provide education about trans and gender-diverse issues and to advocate for their human rights.

We empower our community by providing knowledge about LGBTQIA+ issues and health care. We educate schools, clinics, hospitals and churches in order to provide a safer place for transgender and gender diverse people. We also provide training and conduct workshops.


To advance the constitutional rights for the LGBTQIA+ community, ensuring they have a safer space within but not limited to the Republic of South Africa.


Trans Hope seeks to:

  • Increase knowledge about gender identity and sexual orientation expression as well as sexual characteristics (SOGIESC).
  • Create safe spaces for people who are gender diverse, through killing stigma against LGBTQIA+ people by building our community and empowering them with understanding about the diversity of humankind.


  • Create a safe space for queer people within the cishetoronormative spaces.
  • Fight the anti-gender group to ensure communities are empowered with knowledge.
  • Highlight issues that the trans communities face.
  • Advance economy to the transgender community.
  • Mainstream gender diversity.
  • End GBV (gender-based violence) and hate crimes.
  • Create awareness about equality.

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