After a trial of three years, the Ugandan High Court ruled in Victor Mukasa’s favour. In this landmark ruling, the Court declared that the Government of Uganda had indeed violated the rights of privacy of the members of the organisation, Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG), when the home of Victor Mukasa was unlawfully raided in July 2005. The Court determined that the government of Uganda needed to pay $6500 (USD) to compensate Victor and Oyoo for humiliation, degrading treatment, trauma, and injury. The Court also awarded the legal costs of the application

Victor was overwhelmed by and overjoyed with this outcome, and local activists from the East African region indicated their intention to work with individual governments to sensitise them about LGBTIQ+ rights. The Minister of Ethics and Integrity responded to the ruling by saying that the Government would not appeal, but that Uganda’s stance against homosexuality remained unchanged.