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August 23, 2013 – TEA sues state of Kenya and NGO Coordination Board, Kenya

The board of Transgender Education & Advocacy (TEA), comprising of 3 transgender Kenyans, sues the state and the NGO Coordination Board for refusing to register TEA as an NGO. The state and the board oppose the case indicating that they could not register TEA because they could not tell the gender of the board members. The board also indicates that the applicants’ names on their national identity cards did not match the names submitted by the applicants when they applied for registration.

June 14, 2013 – Kenya’s High Court upholds Batha’s petition

Kenya’s High Court upholds Batha’s petition earlier in the same year declaring that the stripping and physical assault of Batha by the Kenya Police violated her human rights (A.N.N v Attorney General).  The court observed that the stripping in the glare of the media was meant to humiliate her and deny her of her dignity. The court further prescribed proper procedure for the arrest of accused persons who are transgender. She is awarded USD 2,000.

March 2013 – Audrey Mbugua files case at High Court, Kenya

Audrey Mbugua, a transgender woman, files a case (JR Case No. 147 of 2013) at Kenya’s High Court to compel the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to change the name in her high school diploma. She also sought the removal of the male sex mark on her certificate.