Daisy Dube and four friends went out clubbing on the evening of the 2nd in Yeoville, Johannesburg. Men outside the club were shouting derogatory remarks at them, referring to their gender identity. In resistance Daisy and friends shouted back asking them to refrain from calling them ‘izitabane’, (a Zulu word which originally means hermaphrodite*  usually employed as a derogatory slang word, more recently ‘stabane’ became a term referring to any LGBTI person, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity). The men then started shooting at Daisy and her friends, resulting in the untimely death of Daisy from the incident.

*  The authors take note that hermaphrodite is a derogative word and intersex activists campaign against the usage of the word. A similar account is given for the isiXhosa word ‘talese’ which originally means ‘hermaphrodite’ and also became a catch-all term.