Trans and Intersex Africa (TIA), Social, Health and Empowerment Feminist Collective of Transgender and Intersex Women of Africa (S.H.E) and Gender DynamiX (GDX hosted the 2nd Trans Health, Research and Advocacy Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. This was the largest conference in the series to date and had a total of 198 participants, of which 25 were from the region,  which included Botswana, Egypt, Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Other participating African countries included Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Madagascar, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The 7 International presenters were Kristian Randjelovic and Dr Vladimir Kojovic from Serbia. Dr Kojovic and Dr Kevin Adams from the Groote Schuur Multidisciplinary Transgender Clinic collaborated in a theater at the hospital with surgery training which included a filming to reach a wider training audience. Drs Asa Radix, Mauro Cabral Sam Winter, Arlene Lev and Cecilia Chung made presentations on various topics and participated throughout the conference. The conference report includes, besides an overview of the complete program and speakers, an audit, comparing the 2011 conference recommendations next to the progress made in the period until the 2014 conference. The report cover is a collection of images from a collaborative project with the SistaazHood sex worker group and Robert Hamblin.