Gold medallist Paralympian [Tshotlego]* Morama from Botswana underwent gender verification tests after a win in the 800m and 400m races at the Africa Senior Championships in Mozambique.

There had already been a media spectacle in Botswana over Morama’s gender/sex (these two are used synonymously in Botswana), as Morama was raised a girl yet identified as a boy and later fathered a child in his late teens.   Morama now uses the name Paul.

It was from the 2007 Africa Championships that the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) became aware of the media spectacle that had surrounded Morama and required gender verification tests on him.  The IAAF tests proved an intersex condition in Morama. 

*The name under which Paul Morama’s gold medal and Olympic accomplishments will be listed in online searches, although we acknowledge that he now goes by the name Paul.