Tebogo Nkoana and Liesl Theron submitted abstracts to present at the Gender Odyssey Conference, which were accepted. Upon receiving this news, Liesl who was already in previous contact with Amanda Lock Swarr, reached out to explore the possibilities of Tebogo and Liesl’s long trans-Atlantic trip benefitting from more dialogues, interactions, and presentations.

Amanda’s academic work focuses on queer, trans, and intersex people and communities in South Africa since 1997 and was therefore keen to create a small itinerary between various departments from the University of Washington and Gender DynamiX. Liesl and Tebogo made presentations at both the Gender Odyssey Conference as well as the University of Washington and held meetings with faculty members and LGBTQ students at the university’s Q-Center.

Tebogo, in making his presentations, focused on the intersections of culture and gender identity. In a take-away concussion Tebogo shared with the audience that contrary to the usual rhetoric that homosexuality and being transgender are viewed as “unAfrican”, he feels that he had received acceptance in the African country, by his family, community, and loved ones, due to his calling by a male Ancestor.