The Second International Intersex Forum took place in Stockholm, Sweden, and had intersex activists attending from all continents. The previous forum’s 3 principles were expanded to 7 and read as follows:

  1. To put an end to mutilating and “normalising” practices such as genital surgeries, psychological and other medical treatments, including infanticide and selective abortion (on the grounds of intersex).
  2. To ensure that the personal, free, prior, and fully informed consent of the intersex individual is a compulsory requirement in all medical practices and protocols.
  3. Creating and facilitating supportive, safe and celebratory environments for intersex people, their families and surroundings.
  4. In view of ensuring the bodily integrity and health of the intersex child, psycho-social support and non-pathologising peer support be provided to parents and/or care providers and the child’s immediate family instead of surgical or other medical treatment unless such interventions are live-saving.
  5. The provision of all human rights and citizenship rights to intersex people.
  6. The provision of access to one’s own medical records and any documentation, and the affirmation of the intersex person’s right to truth.
  7. The acknowledgment and redress of the suffering and injustice caused in the past.

Another outcome of the forum was the open letter that was drafted by the global chair of Organisational Intersex International, Hilda Viloria and undersigned by the forum’s attending activists, (with 3 signatures from Africa, Sally Gross, Julius Kaggwa and Nthabiseng Mokoena) – the open letter was then presented to Her Excellency Navanethem Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.