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Dear Comrades,

We value the important work you do and we would love to have your organisation/group be part of this project, which is the first and only record of the history of our movements on our continent.

The Trans Intersex History Africa website is a space where African activists share our archival collections, memories, reflections and facts. Using a timeline of events, contributions include the founding dates of the early trans and intersex organisations/groups, as well as individuals’ accomplishments in law and politics, and in sport, art, music and other private domains, along with contributions towards positive change for trans and intersex struggles for our human rights on the continent.

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  • the name of your organisation/group,
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  • the date your organisation/group was founded,
  • the names of your founding members (if it is safe to mention them),
  • the date your organisation/group was registered (if applicable),
  • the background/history of your organisation/group,
  • the vision, mission and goal statements or values of your organisation/group (if you have these),
  • the contact information (website, email, phone number and social media accounts) that you would like to be made public,
  • and any photographs or media links to your work. Please note that when sending photographs, ensure that the people in the photographs have your permission for their image to be used on a public forum.
As an example, the post about your organisation will look like this once posted on our Timeline.

Also, please feel free to contact us at any stage about moments in the history of the trans and intersex movement between 1950 and 2021 that we have not yet included on our website.

We respect your privacy.  We will never publish your contact details unless you specifically ask us to publish your contact details

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