About Us

Who are we?

The Trans & Intersex History website (TIHA) was started by four African trans and intersex activists –  Liesl Theron (South Africa), Victor Mukasa (Uganda), Julius Kaggwa (Uganda), and Gabrielle Le Roux (South Africa).

We have been actively involved in various ways and in various capacities before and during the inception years of the African trans and intersex movement as it is known today. Over the years of working with and alongside each other, we have become good friends and after many discussions we realised that we had a shared aim to combine all of the information that we have been part of and collected over the years and to present it on one platform that will be easily accessible to all who are interested. 

One of the main reasons behind the creation of this website was our passionate refusal to let the history of the trans and intersex movement in Africa become lost, or misunderstood, distorted, or misrepresented, all of which would weaken the current and future work of trans and intersex individuals and organisations on the continent. As we were part of the beginnings of the movement, in documenting this history as accurately as we can, we want to provide a clear understanding of the strength of the trans and intersex movement on the continent by documenting evidence of how long and how hard African activists and organisations have worked towards human rights for trans and intersex people on the continent. 

Bearing witness to the events that helped shape and influence the African trans and intersex movement, and providing readers with the chance to bear witness to it, will strengthen the movement and prove that it is a force to be reckoned with – a force for change.

Liesl Theron


Liesl Theron is one of the co-founders of Gender DynamiX (GDX), established in 2005. GDX was the first organisation in South Africa, and the first registered organisation in Africa focusing its work on trans advocacy.

Read more about Liesl Theron.

Victor Mukasa


Victor Mukasa started speaking out in the local Ugandan media about the oppression of LGBTIQ+ people in the country in 2002. His work continues to impact many lives in the LGBTIQ+ community in Uganda, Africa, the African Diaspora, and worldwide.

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Julius Kaggwa


Julius Kaggwa is an intersex activist from East Africa.

Gabrielle Le Roux


Gabrielle Le Roux is a self- and community-taught artist, film-maker, and queer feminist activist who, since 2001, has been collaboratively creating projects that combine portraits and stories as an intervention for social justice since 2001.

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Our regular contributors

Delphine Barigye
Delphine Barigye (SHE)


Gabriel de Larch (THEY)


Delphine Barigye is the Programme Director at Support Initiative for People with Atypical Sex Development (SIPD) Uganda.

A highly-motivated intersex human rights activist, she has worked passionately with the intersex community and on intersex issues for 8 years and has greatly contributed to the growth of the intersex movement and human rights discourse in Uganda and across pan Africa.

As a key support to SIPD’s capacity strengthening programme for young African intersex leadership, she has been key to the formation of the African Intersex Movement (AIM). In her role at SIPD, she shares her experience and expertise to continue to build a stronger and more impactful intersex movement on the continent.

Gabriel (Gabe) de Larch is a genderqueer, non-binary trans activist from South Africa. Gabe has been working in the trans activist movement for over a decade, starting as an independent activist documenting their transition on their blog, YouTube and social media at a time when there were very few visible African trans people in online spaces.

A visual artist and writer, Gabe shared their transition journey as a non-binary person in the form of photographs, academic papers and presentations, as well as taking part in national and international trans conferences as a speaker.

Gabe worked for Pan Africa ILGA as communications manager before embarking on their path as a consultant to national and international trans NGOs as a writer, researcher, editor and graphic designer.