We Exist, published by Trans Bantu Zambia in 2013, is a self-publication that serves as a powerful platform to give voice to the often marginalized and overlooked transgender community in Zambia. Through a collection of 21 short stories and poems, the book seeks to recognize and validate the existence of trans community members in Zambia. The narratives within the book cover a spectrum of emotions, ranging from triumph and courage to experiences of marginalization and abuse.

The primary objective of We Exist is to shed light on the diverse and multifaceted lives of transgender individuals in Zambia, providing a platform of story-sharing and perspectives. The book acknowledges the struggles faced by the trans community, addressing issues such as stigma and discrimination that have, tragically, led to the loss of four Zambian trans persons who are honoured and remembered in the publication.

By amplifying the voices of the trans community, the book aims to foster understanding, empathy, and awareness among readers about the challenges and triumphs of being transgender in Zambia. Through a blend of prose and poetry, the book invites readers to explore the rich tapestry of experiences within the trans community, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate society.