Based in Guinea (Guinea-Conakry), Trans-Arc-En-Ciel Guinée was founded on 31 March 2021 by Binette, Mimi, Christine and Rubi. It is a non-governmental, non-profit association of transgender women which campaigns for the recognition and respect of their rights, access to equitable care and economic empowerment of trans women in the Republic of Guinea. Translated from the French, Arc-En-Ciel means ‘rainbow’.


Trans-Arc-En-Ciel Guinée was born from the need to fight against the exclusion of transgender people who have a particular lifestyle and whose needs in terms of health, employment and rights differ from those of other key populations.

The organisation is led by trans women, based on the strong belief that trans women are best placed to work with:

  • issues related to their health and education,
  • sharing of experiences linked to stigma and discrimination,
  • identification of priorities in terms of capacity building,
  • the study of human rights mechanisms to better defend themselves within United Nations organisations,
  • and the setting up of projects and creation of income-generating activities for their financial independence in order to provide trans women with alternatives to sex work and the dangers that they face as sex workers.

The organisation is yet to be registered as they are unable to obtain registration from organisations that register NGOs in Guinea due to the severe penalisation of LGBT people and organisations in the country by the State.


To see the transgender community united, autonomous, and living in a Guinean society where gender identity is fully respected in all aspects of life. To see trans women benefit from STI/HIV/AIDS prevention services, and have access to equitable care for other diseases and healthcare needs.


To protect trans women from contracting HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections by engaging in community mobilisation, developing economic empowerment and capacity building programmes, and by promoting and monitoring the respect of their human rights.


The objectives of Trans-Arc-En-Ciel Guinée are, among others, to

  • Address the physical and psychological health of transgender people, improve access to equitable healthcare, participate in the fight against -HIV/AIDS, stigma, discrimination, rejection and violence towards them.
  • Respect human rights, particularly those concerning transgender people.
  • Contribute to improving the quality of life of transgender people towards economic empowerment through income-generating activities.
  • Provide capacity building to members of the association in terms of knowledge and skills at different levels in order to support the actions and objectives to be achieved.
  • Social reintegration and social protection of transgender people.
  • Support the review of laws that include discriminatory measures against key populations, particularly transgender people.