Due to the way in which participants had progressed and excelled beyond the current format of the workshops, the host’s Gender DynamiX (GDX) and their partner organisation in East Africa, decided to reassess the format of the Eastern and Southern African Trans and Intersex Regional Exchange Programme for 2012 and onwards. 

Initially envisioned as a space that would provide a platform where participants could learn from the workshops and from each other, the dynamic changed sooner than anticipated by the organisers as it became evident that the greatest value of the Programme was the way in which learning had become completely interactive, with attending activists being fully participatory, bringing knowledge to the table that was as essential as the knowledge brought by the hosts. 

Participants were no longer learners, they had become teachers, and so the workshops were no longer “training sessions”,  but real movement-building in action, as shown by the formation of S.H.E and aGender as a direct result of the workshops.