Tanzanian Trans Initiatives (TTI) was founded as a non-governmental organisation (NGO)  in Tanzania in 2014.  The organisation is dedicated to the trans and gender-nonconforming (GNC) community as a whole, as well as trans and GNC sex workers, and the portion of the trans and GNC community living with HIV/AIDS. The focus of their work is on advocacy, information dissemination, and capacity building.

Tanzanian Trans Initiatives focuses on the promotion of human rights, providing sexual reproductive health and rights trainings and workshops, sexual orientation gender identities and expression, HIV/AIDS and other STIS plus STDS awareness, gender based violence as well as entrepreneurship skill to the trans community as well as other gender diverse groups. all the work is done in order to influence and achieve change at national level, make the trans community and other gender diverse groups be accepted, acknowledged, respected, valued as well as included in various aspects those are, economically, politically, socially, culturally, and lastly spiritually.


TTI envisions a transforming society where youth have access to good health, education, equal opportunity and promote gender equality and eradicate all forms of violence towards Adolescent young women and girls (youth).


Awareness raising and empowerment to youth on leadership. Gender justice, equality, health issues, social economic stability for achievement of sustainable development goals working together with health practitioners, law enforcement officers and policy makers, providing knowledge and a foundation for empathy and understanding for the needs of our constituency.