The publication, Sex in Transition: Remaking of Gender and Race in South Africa, by Professor Amanda Lock Swarr takes the reader through the Apartheid times of South Africa, and how the lives of those who lived across or in between the gender binary system were impacted. It also explores how people from different races in South Africa were treated differently when race, gender and gender expression/ identity intersect with each other. The publication was launched at the District Six Museum in Cape Town, which has its own rich and layered history related to, amongst other things, race and gender. Amanda had a long-standing history with various South African LGBTIQ+ and political activists, and since 1997 her work and interests have had a strong focus on queer, trans and intersex studies in South Africa.

Amanda hosted Gender Dynamix (GDX)’s Liesl Theron and Tebogo Nkoana in 2008 in Seattle during their trip to present at the Gender Odyssey Conference and at the University of Washington. Throughout the early years of GDX, Amanda and Liesl were in ongoing contact. In 2009 Amanda, Sally Gross and Liesl co-published an article, South African Intersex Activism: Caster Semenya’s Impact and Import in the Feminist Studies Journal. Amanda wrote this post on Facebook during the week of the launch of the book.