The second part of the Eastern and Southern African Trans and Intersex Regional Exchange Programme hosted by Gender DynamiX (GDX) and a partner organisation in East Africa* achieved two tangible and practical results. The first was that the 16 activists finalised the details for the MSM/WSW & Trans Position Paper, and it was released internationally on 1 December 2010, World AIDS Day. 

Secondly, the highly successful Digital Storytelling DVD, Exquisite Gender, was produced by the activists and each participant received copies after the launch to use as training/presentation and sensitisation material. This material has since travelled all over the continent and continues to be an educational tool in trans advocacy today. After robust discussions, the activists collectively decided to not make the Digital Storytelling DVDs public by means of online uploads, as there would be no control over who could access them, thereby compromising the identities and safety of the activities. 

*The Organisation’s name is omitted to protect its members due to the passing of the AntiHomosexuality Act in March 2023 in Uganda.