West Africa Trans Forum (WATF) was founded in June 2017. It is a network of trans people and/or groups led by trans, intersex and non-conforming people whose work requires a strong movement both nationally and regionally because they face a great threat in issues of violations and discrimination


The mission of WATF is to

  • combat violence, stigma and discrimination against trans people in West Africa through regional advocacy and awareness raising;
  • to ensure the provision of specific health and HIV treatment services through sensitisation of health providers and key state and non-state actors;
  • and, to enhance the capacity of individuals and organisations through capacity building initiatives.


  • Support the creation of new trans organisations and strengthen the capacity of existing and new member organisations.
  • Strengthen the capacity of healthcare providers in the region to offer trans-specific health and HIV services.
  • Conduct local, regional and international advocacy with member organisations to improve understanding of the rights and needs of trans people in West Africa.
  • Create and maintain research and documentation of trans people in West Africa.

Values and Principles

  • Zero stigmatisation and discrimination.
  • Visibility of trans people.
  • Commitment to the support and respect of members’ rights.
  • Mutual respect for the diversity of our trans identities.
  • Unity, peace and love.
  • Solidarity.
  • Commitment to mutual support.
  • Courage and determination.
  • Transparence and accountability.
  • Open communication.
  • Equality.


+234 814 440 1030